Science Based Solutions

The Mission of DENCOM Corporation

To discover state-of-the-art analyzers, process control and quality control instrumentation, and scientific measuring equipment suitable for the Japanese process industries involved in pharmaceutical, hygienic and fine chemical production. We are committed to providing the highest level of dedicated local support to ensure the successful application of these high technology products in the demanding Japanese market.

DENCOM Corporation at a glance :

  • Company headquarters based in Kawasaki, Japan
  • Branch office located in Osaka
  • Experienced and knowledgeable multilingual staff
  • Certified calibration facilities for particle counters and analytical/measuring instruments
  • Dedicated Engineering Department to provide software (21 CFR Part 11) development assistance, product customization, after-sales service and support
  • Sales engineers have backgrounds in mechanical, chemical or electrical engineering
  • Frequent training programs are held to improve product knowledge
  • Extensive knowledge of Japanese standards and regulations for the pharmaceutical and hygienic industries and what is needed to secure necessary approvals
  • Excellent customer base, which includes direct accounts with most major pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies in Japan
  • Installed product base ranging from desktop units for laboratories, to large in-line systems for production
  • Participation in trade shows and specialized conferences which draw visitors from all over Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as customer seminars to introduce new technology and new products, both in-house and at customer’s facilities
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